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Special Interests Exploiting the War in Iraq?

Articles on Wartime Profiteering
OUCH! #115 -- Energy In-Security (Guns and Tax Cuts Part II)
April 14, 2003

OUCH! #114 -- Guns and Tax Cuts -- But Where's The Butter?
April 3, 2003

"Money, Politics and War"
TomPaine.com, March 24, 2003
By Micah L. Sifry
A nation decides to go to war for many reasons. Whatever one may think of the wisdom of President George W. Bush's decision to embark on war with Iraq, hopefully we can agree that the debate over going to war should not be skewed by powerful special interests and their ability to purchase access and influence in Washington.

Reports on Wartime Profiteering

The Human Costs of Cuts In Major Low-Income Programs Contained in the House Budget Resolutions
Center on Budget Policies and Priorities, March 28, 2003.

Bush Tax Cuts Would Lead to Bigger Debts, Endanger Public Programs, and Enrich the Already Well-Off, While Doing Little to Stimulate The Economy.
Center for Tax Justice, January 8, 2003.

Commentary on House energy legislation

Nainal Resource Defense Council Press Release
House Energy Bill Shirks Security Challenge, Keeps Us Hooked on Oil Imports;
Corporate Giveaways Plunder Arctic & Wilderness, Leaving Energy Thirst Unchecked; Measure Lifts Safeguards Against Electricity Fraud, Nuclear Proliferation

The mammoth energy bill passed by the House of Representatives today would leave America dangerously addicted to oil imports. Instead of safe, clean, cost effective solutions, lawmakers voted to give nearly $20 billion in subsidies to the oil coal and nuclear power industries to continue business as usual. The measure would also open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, and eliminates safeguards protecting coastal and wilderness areas from reckless energy development. More...